Welcome to the "Ninja Stories App" challenge!

Ninja Stories is a mobile app in which you chat with a Ninja buddy to discover your inner Ninja.

Please help us test this new app prototype. We look forward to your feedback to fine-tune and improve it. Testing and commenting on the app will earn you points to win prizes!

How to participate? Really, it's easy:
1. Go to the 'Try out' section and click to walk through the different screens.

Note: for the purpose of evaluation, this mock-up features only one story (the "job interview") to give you a quick idea of what the eventual real app (with many stories) may look like.

2. Complete the questionnaire below,

3. Share your comments and ideas about the prototype and enrich the discussions on how we could improve it.

Thanks again for your input and good luck on your journey to discover your inner Ninja!

Ready? Let's go!

The Ninja Stories app was developed as part of the Ninja Riders project. This is an innovation project co-funded by the European Institute of Technology (EIT). The project aims to find solutions to problems surrounding urban mobility and in particular road safety. The project targets young people, 18 to 25 years old, for them to better design the urban mobility for tomorrow's adults.

The project's objective is to create communities of young people that co-create solutions to urban mobility challenges: (social) innovations that improve the efficiency and safety of travelling in European cities. More specifically, the objective is to identify attitudes, behaviours and preferences of the young on the road. These will allow us to design measures and interventions to stimulate them towards a more responsible and optimised use of different transport means.

Time line

Participation open on 20 October 2017 until 05 December 2017




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